Sources: Main Websites

Friends of Hastings Country Park -

Hastings Council -

Sources: Maps

Friends of Hastings Country Park -

Hastings Council -

Hastings Council old official printed maps, especially Laing’s of 1859.

Hastings Museum has various estate drawings.

Ordnance Survey surveyors’ drawings 1797-1806 -  

Ordnance Survey large-scale plans, from 1873 onwards, at National Library of Scotland -,0

Tithe maps of c1839, at East Sussex Record Office -

Yeakell and Gardner’s map of Sussex, 2”-to-mile, 1778-83.

Other Sources

Archaeology Data Service -

The Archaeology and History of Hastings Country Park, by David Padgham, 2004 edition, Hastings Area Archaeological Research Group.

Discovering Fossils -

East Hill, Hastings - A Landscape Survey and Investigation, by Michael Fradley and Sarah Newsome, 2008, English Heritage Research Dept Report 35-2008.

Fairlight - Echoes of the Past, compiled by Fairlight Residents Association, 1992.

Fairlight Hall: History -

Fairlight: A Sussex Village by the Sea, Haydon Luke, 2014, Berforts.

Fairlight ROTOR Radar Station -

Geology and Fossils of the Hastings Area, Ken Brooks, 2014

Hastings Borough Council minutes and other official documents, including property transactions, publicity leaflets and guides.

Hastings Country Park Archaeological and Historic Landscape Survey, by Richard James, 2006, published by Archaeology South-East (University College London), commissioned by Hastings Council.

Hastings Country Park Hidden Landscape Project 2019, Hastings Area Archaeological Research Group.

Historic Hastings, J Manwaring Baines, 1986, Cinque Ports Press.

A History of the Ordnance Survey, WA Seymour, 1980, Dawson & Sons.

Local newspapers held on film in Hastings Reference Library: Hastings and Cinque Ports Iris, Hastings News, Hastings Observer, Hastings Weekly Mail, Sussex Express, Sussex Weekly Advertiser.

Included are personal memories of myself (Steve Peak) from the late 1950s, and of other aged people that I have spoken to. More memories and photos always very welcome; contact me via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

And I must give many thanks to Simon Dallyn for his help in setting up this website - without him it would not exist. Simon runs a local computer and website design company called Green Man Computers, but in his spare time likes to contribute to local history and conservation projects such as this website.

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